Design studio Skyline Engineering

SKYLINE ENGINEERING studio provides technological services for the design, production and installation drawings of the most sophisticated curtain wall systems.

All our works and services are based on years of experience in this field. Our approach is to work closely with architects and engineers to define a customized or a commercial system according to the budget.

Our primary services are listed below

  • Design for architectural approval

    that includes plans, details, sections and elevations of the façades. The drawings are provided with a list of materials that explains their finishing and composition.
  • Production drawing

    of all the cladding components: glass panels, spandrel panels, profiles, gaskets, special or commercial accessories.
  • Material lists for purchasing.

  • Installation drawings

    for installation activity with an exhaustive report of all the installation on site.
  • As-built drawings

  • Static calculations

    of all the components of the curtain wall according to the specifications.
  • Calculations regarding

    heat/sound insulation according to the specifications.